shady_lamarr's Journal

Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly"
I was born with snakes in both of my fists, while a hurricane was blowing.

And if I say I can't do it, then I can't do it, I don't make false claims. I'm a bitchy drama queen despite being a straight guy. Anne Hathaway's Kym from "Rachel Getting Married" is just me in drag, and since I'm in drag all the time now, I guess she's just me.

I'm a cross-dresser and if I need to explain how this doesn't conflict at all with about how I'm a horny skirt-chasing straight male, then just move along. I'm a retail lifer and I deal with more than enough stupid people as it is.

My life revolves around girls, what else can I say? It's as simple as that. I like dressing as a girl both as a tribute and because the more experience I have dressing as a girl, the more respect and understanding I have of them.

(And also girls like me better when I'm in drag.)

My life's goal is establishing an alternate spiritual history of this wonderful unprecedented country of ours, to spur it on in its moments of greatness, and keep it going in its moments of darkness. I'm an Ugly American, a con artist, an addict, a liar, a cheat, a lunatic, a rebel, a nerd, a bad friend and a worse lover. I don't even want to talk about me and my family. I once purposely took a massive amount of DXM to bless a writing project and ended up channeling the ghost of Lester Bangs. My aims are always selfish, my sympathies are always questionable, but, to misquote "Jackie Brown," if you can't always trust me, you can ALWAYS trust me to be me. I have to think that my philosophy is best summed up in the opening lines of "Another Girl, Another Planet" by the Only Ones.

"I always flirt with death
I look ill but I don't care about it
I can face your threats
Stand up tall and scream and shout about it:
I think I'm on another world with you, with you...
I'm on another planet with you."

Also: I am a cat person. Definitely a cat person. This is a no dogs zone. Dogs are bred to love, that's what they do, but the nature of cats is to be cruel and selfish yet sometimes and somehow in rare cases, they do love, despite their nature.
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