Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" (shady_lamarr) wrote,
Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly"

I Will Admit

I will admit that my concept of a "good looking guy" has its roots in the rock music I loved growing up. I remember loving early Queen videos featuring a long-haired Freddie Mercury, and despairing as his bands' songs suffered as his hair got shorter and as he grew facial hair (as he grew more masculine, in other words, or "uglier and less interesting" in my mind). Then I realized how much better looking John Lennon got as he grew out his hair (not to mention the fact that he'd make as good of a looking girl as Yoko Ono would've made a good looking guy, I've always been into androgyny). Then I realized how great a shirtless long-haired Jim Morrison looked. And then a "Madcap Laughs" era Syd Barrett, and then Marc Bolan..! And we haven't even reached when I reached fifteen...!
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